Immune System – What Are Factors That Weaken An Immune System?

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I see many teens and children who are sick and whose immune systems are weak. They usually have no clue as to how they get that way. When I ask them, they seem to be doing… the same things while they are sick that got them weak and ill to begin with.

Here are  some factors that contribute to a weakening immune system:

  • stay up late
  • skipping meals -breakfast and often lunch
  • eat lots of junk food
  • stressed out
  • poor time management
  • jobs that interfere with school schedule and routine
  • dehydrated
  • not properly dressed for the winter elements
  • doing too many things

While they want a “quick fix” to make them feel better they often miss the fact that they will still be sick or will get sick from their choices.  They miss an important fact that the body can only compensate from abuse or lack of certain required elements for a period of time. After that, it starts to shut down or not work right.

Sort of like a slow leak from a tire. After a while, the tire goes flat, bends the rim and damages other structures in the car.

To your health,

Donna Marie Laino

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