Vibrational Frequencies – Origins in Science

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Vibrational frequencies of living things can be measured. As every atom is in motion it has a vibration and a frequency. This frequency is measured in Hertz. A frequency is measured by oscillations per second.

For example, 1 Hertz= 1 oscillation per second.

We can measure the frequency of the body in mHz (Mega Hertz).

Bruce Trainio of Cheney, Washington, developed the BT3 frequency monitoring system to measure frequencies plants were emitting. As a geneticist, he monitored the affect of frequency on plant health. Later his research took on animal and human frequencies.

His research along with others like kirlian photography, has given us scientific data on the human energy field and how things affect it and our organs themselves.

Robert Becker, MD, author of  “The Body Electric”, studied the field of regeneration and the relationship to the electrial current of the living things. He experimented with the regeneration of salamander limbs.  His foundation of theories were based on the 1942 work of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Nobel Prize winner  and W.E. Burge of University of Illinois (1939). Both studied the electrical nature of  the body.    

Harvard Medical School neurologists and physiologist began looking at how the brain worked in relationship to analog and digital coding.

 This and other research became the foundation of and evolution of the healing process theories as it relates to electrical components and the electrical pathways of the body.                                                                                                               

Donna Marie Laino

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2 thoughts on “Vibrational Frequencies – Origins in Science

  1. Now this article is really one of the best Ive read on this exellent topic. I agree with your views and am looking forward to your new posts. I’m grabbing your rss feed to stay informed of any updates.

  2. Sima,

    Thank you so much. What a gift to receive your comment. Sometimes breaking things down to the simple explanations makes things easier to interpret and understand.

    I encourage you to pass along the information as I believe it more and more people can understand this simple concept, we’d change the course of medicine in the Western world and our Congress would have an easier time at transforming our health care model.

    Spread Joy today,

    Donna Marie Laino

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