Snow Blower Safety – How to Shovel Snow Safely With A Snow Blower

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Heavy snow fall requires massive action and aggressive snow plowing and snow removal. Many homeowners and snow plowers are using snow blowers for ease with snow removal.  However, caution to the operator will make the job fun, fast and safe.Here are some safety tips to consider:

Snow blower safety

  1. Do not let your hat or scarf block your vision.
  2. Do not wear any loose clothing while operating the machine.
  3. Make sure all people, children, pets, debris, etc are cleared from the area before using the machine.
  4. Keep all safety devices on the blower.
  5. Keep you hands out of the blower when the is plugged in or the motor is running.
  6. Never leave it unattended.
  7. The engine can get very hot. Keep away!
  8. Children under 16 yrs of age are not to be near the blower.
  9. If there is a jam that needs unclogging, clear the debris or wet snow after waiting at least 5 seconds. Turn off the machine. Remove the spark plug wire. You will have to use a solid object, stick, or broom to do this. NOT your hand.
  10. Make sure the power is off or it is NOT running while you are filling the fuel area.
  11. Do not operate the blower in an enclosed area.
  12. Before operating, you are required to read the operator’s manual. Tighten all loose nuts and bolts.
  13. Before servicing, remove the spark plug wire.
  14. Shut off the engine and remove the key if you are walking away.
  15. Watch for ice patches and uneven surfaces.

Snow plowing safety is top priority for all snow handlers. Keep your caution and remember: Safety first with snow blowers.

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Donna Marie Laino, RN

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