Swine Flu: What to do to Prevent Getting H1N1 Influenza A

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Swine Flu (H1N1) is a respiratory infection in humans . The technical name is H1N1 Influenza A . This is a virus that is spread the same way the seasonal flu is spread: through person to person contact.

There have been reported symptoms such as:

  • Fever (over 100° F)
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • body aches
  • lethargy
  • headache
  • chills
  • fatigue
  • diarrhea/vomiting

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Swine Flu: What you should know about H1N1 Influenza A

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Swine Flu (H1N1), influenza A, is currently crossing the globe and more and more cases are being confirmed in the United States. The CDC reports the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the worldwide level of pandemic alert to Phase 6.

  • Phase 1-3 Predominantly animal infections; fews human infections
  • Phase 4 indicates human-to-human spread of the virus
  • Phase 5 rating indicates human-to-human spread of the virus into at least two countries in one region
  • Phase 6 rating indicates a global pandemic with widespread outbreaks
    The current WHO phase of pandemic alert is 6.
    Here are some interesting facts you should know:

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Frequency of Organs and What Affects Them

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Our bodies have a resonant frequency along with many other things in our universe. Music, food, sound, light, brainwaves, and germs such as viruses to name a few have frequency. Bruce Taino used a BT3 Frequency Monitor to measure frequency of the body and its organs.

Average Frequency of Body Organs Megahertz
Ascending Colon 50-60 MHz
Descending Colon 58-63 MHz
Heart 67-70 MHz


55-60 MHz

Lungs 58-65 MHz
Pancreas 60-80 MHz
Stomach 58-65 MHz
Thymus Gland 65-68 MHz

Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

62-68 MHz

When we choose our food, music, environment and supplements, we will have a direct impact on the frequency of our body.

Highly processed foods for example, will have more of a negative impact on the body than fresh fruits or vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a higher frequency thus the body benefits from not only the nutrients but also from the fact that they have a higher frequency.  This in a way, is a factor in boosting the immune system to keep the body well and free from distress or dis-ease. 

Low frequencies are attributed to junk food which range from 0 – 10 MHz. This is another reason to stop eating processed foods and adulterated and rancid oils. On the other hand, whole foods provide  10 – 15 MHz and dried herbs 12 – 22 MHz.

As plants are higher in frequency (10 – 22 MHz), fruit that has been pollinated can yield up to 80 MHz. This is why we should be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables (raw) and drink fresh juices.  

 A virus can be detected by measuring with bioengineering equipment as in the research done at Cornell University.  A half a dozen viruses were detected by using a vibrating paddle oscillator by the Rob Llic and his research team who published a paper entitled, “Virus detection using nanoelectomechanical devices“.  Earlier work has been done on bacteria as well according to the ScienceDaily.

 According to the book, Vibrational Healing Through The Chakras, by Joy Gardener-Gordan, when cats purr, they purr consistently at a range of 25-150 Hz which is ideal for improving bone density and promoting healing.

Theraputic grade essential oils can range from 52 – 320 MHz. These oils can be diffused in the air, direct inhalation or applied to the skin and have antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, among other properties.

In Connie and Alan Higley’s book, Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils, a study was done by D. Gary Young with the following results:

Item MHz
Fresh fruit and Vegetables Up to15 MHz
Fresh Herbs 20-27  MHz
Dry Herbs 12-22  MHz
Processed Foods/rancid oils 0 – 10  MHz
Theraputic grade Essential Oils 52-320 MHz

Frequency Reaction to Substance (coffee)

Item 26 yr Male (66 MHz) 24 yr Male(66 MHz)
Coffee (held or sipped for 3 secs) 58 MHz (held coffee) 52 MHz (sipped coffee)
Inhaled essential oils 66  MHz  (within 21 secs) None used
Returned to 66 MHz Within 21 secs In 3 days

Frequency Influenced by Thoughts and Prayer

Thoughts and Prayer MHz
Negative Thoughts Dropped12  MHz
Positive Thoughts Added 10  MHz
Prayer Added  15  MHz

Choose wisely!

Donna Marie Laino, RN

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Vibration and Frequency and How It Relates To Health

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Vibration is measured by its various frequencies. The body resonates at a certain frequency as all living things do. When the frequency of the body drops we as human beings get sick. As the frequency of the body increases it gets well and remains more in balance.

This frequency was studied and measured by Bruce Tainio of Cheney, Washington with a BT3 frequency monitor. Most people know that as the Immune System weakens we do not have enough defenses to prevent the take over of bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungus that we have been exposed to.

As noted in the book “Reference Gude for Essential Oils” by Connie and Alan Higley, the following is a report of work by Bruce Tainio:


Human Body 62-68 MHz
Cold Symptoms 58 MHz
Flu Symptoms 57MHz
Cancer 42 MHz

Death Begins

25 MHz

There are certain things that can raise up or lower our frequency like our chemical exposure, essential oils, foods, herbs, holistic practices, etc.

Create balance in your life by learning how to raise your immune system and raise your body frequency.

Frequency  has a direct relationship to the health and maintenance of the body.   Imagine if we lived our life making choices that increased our frequency and vibration.

Create joyful living,

Donna Marie Laino, RN

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Vibrational Frequencies – Origins in Science

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Vibrational frequencies of living things can be measured. As every atom is in motion it has a vibration and a frequency. This frequency is measured in Hertz. A frequency is measured by oscillations per second.

For example, 1 Hertz= 1 oscillation per second.

We can measure the frequency of the body in mHz (Mega Hertz).

Bruce Trainio of Cheney, Washington, developed the BT3 frequency monitoring system to measure frequencies plants were emitting. As a geneticist, he monitored the affect of frequency on plant health. Later his research took on animal and human frequencies.

His research along with others like kirlian photography, has given us scientific data on the human energy field and how things affect it and our organs themselves.

Robert Becker, MD, author of  “The Body Electric”, studied the field of regeneration and the relationship to the electrial current of the living things. He experimented with the regeneration of salamander limbs.  His foundation of theories were based on the 1942 work of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Nobel Prize winner  and W.E. Burge of University of Illinois (1939). Both studied the electrical nature of  the body.    

Harvard Medical School neurologists and physiologist began looking at how the brain worked in relationship to analog and digital coding.

 This and other research became the foundation of and evolution of the healing process theories as it relates to electrical components and the electrical pathways of the body.                                                                                                               

Donna Marie Laino

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The Law of Vibration: The Basics on Vibration

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The Law of Vibration is one of the Laws of the Universe. In its basic form-everything is in motion. Vibration is measured by frequency and all energy has its own frequency. Thoughts and emotions have a frequency as well as sound, plants, trees, essential oils. All living things vibrate to a frequency.

 As we create an atmosphere of balance for ourselves, it is important to remember this information. When the body is in balance it will heal and repair itself in a quicker and more efficient manner.
For example, when we sleep the body heals and repairs itself but only when we are in the deepest REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

When we surround ourselves with the right vibration, we resonate with it at that same frequency and create harmony and balance. 

Our body and our mind want to be in like vibration. We do not want to be in frequencies that are bad for us like AC/DC current. Long time exposure to this is damaging.

In the Law of Vibration, feelings play an important role because they are a manifestation of the level of our vibration. Good feelings are a high level of vibration and bad feelings are a low level of vibration.

Vibration and harmony occurs when we are in a higher vibration.

Keep that Good, Good Vibration!

Donna Marie Laino

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