New Year’s End of the Year Clearance – How To Maximize Your Life To Get Ready For The New Year

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Most people at this time of year have been very busy with the holidays: so much shopping, family and friend visiting, eating great food, decorating and relaxing. Perhaps you are planning your goals for the new year and even setting some resolutions. If you live in Philadelphia, perhaps you are getting ready for the Mummer’s Parade!

Sometimes we fall short of our preparation into the new year by not paying attention to the little things around us that will help balance out the energy of what is to come. Have you heard the saying, “out with the old, in with the new”? This is what we will focus on to help align yourself with “the new”.

Clearing the clutter in and around your space will be needed for this process to occur. Time passes very quickly and in order to “be ready” you need to get things in order. Start with these simple suggestions:

End of the Year Clearance

  1. clean your bathroom.
  2. clean out your refrigerator
  3. pull all your clothes away
  4. do all laundry
  5. put out fresh towels
  6. take your vitamins
  7. make your bed
  8. pay all outstanding bills
  9. take clothes to the dry cleaners
  10. clear counters in the kitchen
  11. wash, dry and put away dirty dishes/pots
  12. sweep and mop
  13. clean your bureau
  14. put boxes away/store items in closets/attic/basement
  15. clear your hallway
  16. throw away unwanted mail
  17. clear your email mailbox
  18. write to do list for the week (by day)
  19. write your chicken list
  20. clear off tables in your living space
  21. write in your gratitude journal
  22. stuff a brown bag with clothes/household items to donate
  23. return books, tapes, cd’s to the library
  24. clean out the trash in your car
  25. wash car mats in the washer
  26. set your goals for the next year
  27. clean off bedside nightstand

 Carpe Diem and Tempus fugit!

Donna Marie Laino, RN



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