Frequency of Organs and What Affects Them

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Our bodies have a resonant frequency along with many other things in our universe. Music, food, sound, light, brainwaves, and germs such as viruses to name a few have frequency. Bruce Taino used a BT3 Frequency Monitor to measure frequency of the body and its organs.

Average Frequency of Body Organs Megahertz
Ascending Colon 50-60 MHz
Descending Colon 58-63 MHz
Heart 67-70 MHz


55-60 MHz

Lungs 58-65 MHz
Pancreas 60-80 MHz
Stomach 58-65 MHz
Thymus Gland 65-68 MHz

Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

62-68 MHz

When we choose our food, music, environment and supplements, we will have a direct impact on the frequency of our body.

Highly processed foods for example, will have more of a negative impact on the body than fresh fruits or vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a higher frequency thus the body benefits from not only the nutrients but also from the fact that they have a higher frequency.  This in a way, is a factor in boosting the immune system to keep the body well and free from distress or dis-ease. 

Low frequencies are attributed to junk food which range from 0 – 10 MHz. This is another reason to stop eating processed foods and adulterated and rancid oils. On the other hand, whole foods provide  10 – 15 MHz and dried herbs 12 – 22 MHz.

As plants are higher in frequency (10 – 22 MHz), fruit that has been pollinated can yield up to 80 MHz. This is why we should be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables (raw) and drink fresh juices.  

 A virus can be detected by measuring with bioengineering equipment as in the research done at Cornell University.  A half a dozen viruses were detected by using a vibrating paddle oscillator by the Rob Llic and his research team who published a paper entitled, “Virus detection using nanoelectomechanical devices“.  Earlier work has been done on bacteria as well according to the ScienceDaily.

 According to the book, Vibrational Healing Through The Chakras, by Joy Gardener-Gordan, when cats purr, they purr consistently at a range of 25-150 Hz which is ideal for improving bone density and promoting healing.

Theraputic grade essential oils can range from 52 – 320 MHz. These oils can be diffused in the air, direct inhalation or applied to the skin and have antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, among other properties.

In Connie and Alan Higley’s book, Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils, a study was done by D. Gary Young with the following results:

Item MHz
Fresh fruit and Vegetables Up to15 MHz
Fresh Herbs 20-27  MHz
Dry Herbs 12-22  MHz
Processed Foods/rancid oils 0 – 10  MHz
Theraputic grade Essential Oils 52-320 MHz

Frequency Reaction to Substance (coffee)

Item 26 yr Male (66 MHz) 24 yr Male(66 MHz)
Coffee (held or sipped for 3 secs) 58 MHz (held coffee) 52 MHz (sipped coffee)
Inhaled essential oils 66  MHz  (within 21 secs) None used
Returned to 66 MHz Within 21 secs In 3 days

Frequency Influenced by Thoughts and Prayer

Thoughts and Prayer MHz
Negative Thoughts Dropped12  MHz
Positive Thoughts Added 10  MHz
Prayer Added  15  MHz

Choose wisely!

Donna Marie Laino, RN

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One thought on “Frequency of Organs and What Affects Them

  1. I use my scalar energy quantum pendant to charge my water… takes about 15 minutes. When I spritzer some scalar energy charged water on a client’s hands, it has the same effect as having the client wear the pendant. The body realigns immediately and returns back to optimum frequency. Clients feel a difference with the strength and balance test. You can watch our lifting demos via my scalar energy page. A great way to demonstrate how energy works in real terms.

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